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MARINA ZEISING (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a filmmaker. She graduated in the Design of Image and Sound career from Buenos Aires University and did a postgraduate of Cultural Industries at Tres de Febrero University.

She works for the film industry for more than 20 years, taking part in the production of over 30 productions among films and TV series.

In 2006 she founded ACTITUD CINE with the aim of developing author films, offering production services and workshops. 

She produced and distributed the documentary MONTENEGRO directed by Jorge Gaggero, awarded with the price to the best mid-length documentary at IDFA2011 International  Documentary Festival of Amsterdam and Best Sound at Atlantidoc 2012. In 2014 she made the commercial release of her first documentary feature film as director INHABITS (HABITARES) selected in the Visions du reel and Iran Documentary film festival among others. In 2017 she made the commercial release of her second full-lenght documentary as director LANTÉC CHANÁ selected at Habana Film Festival among other 12 internationals film festivals and obtaining recognition of cultural interest from different public and private organizations.

In 2019 she screened her third documentary as director "LA LUPA" and she distribute ·ORO VERDE" by Sergio Ghizzardi while she is producing new films. 

She offered the production services for the TV serie “Next Stop: Buenos Aires” for Arte Channel, the belgium documentary “Green Gold” from Sergio Ghizzardi and the north american TV serie “PHENOMS” among other video clips, commercials and short films. She provides training courses such as workshops and consultancies to professionals, educational and cultural entities.



LA LUPA, 88 min. 2019. Director, Producer & Distribution 

ORO VERDE, 85 min, 2019, Distribution Argentina and Fixer
LANTÉC CHANÁ, 61 min. 2016. Director, Producer & Distribution
HABITARES, 61 min. 2014. Director, Producer & Distribution
MONTENEGRO, 56 min. 2012. Producer & Distribution
LOS BESOS, 83 min. 2015. Distribution.


RUBÉN BORRÉ, EL ARTE DE LO SOCIAL, Documentary, 15 min. 2018, Co-director.DOLORES, LA VIOLENCIA SUTIL, fiction, 10 MIN, 2016.  Director, Producer & Distribution
LOS ÁRBOLES MUEREN TALADOS, documentary, 3 MIN. 2016. Director, Producer & Distribution
HIPERTIROIDES,  experimental, 1 min. 2014. Director, Producer for ExpoMilano 2015.
EUROPA X 5, experimental,10 min. 2009. Director, Producer
RUNAS NÓRDICAS, experimental, 5 min. 2008. Director, Producer
FRÁGIL PERPETUIDAD, experimental, 4 min. 2008. Director, Producer
INMIGRANTES EN VICENTE LÓPEZ, documentary, 20 min. 2006. Director, Producer

Member of ADNArgentores , grupa ACCIÓN and Academia de Cine de Argentina

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